ALTRACKS Newsletter 1

The consortium gathered in Bitonto, Italy, on the 6th and 7th of March, 2014, for the project kick-off meeting, aiming at fine-tuning and debating all the activities and associated results to be achieved in the project in hand.

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The sunny and vibrant city of Bitonto located in the southern part of Italy was chosen to host the organization of the first transnational meeting of the project ALTRACKS, where our partner EUGHENIA had the opportunity to reveal a great sense of event organization and hospitality to the consortium, and were all participants had an remarkable conditions and opportunity to share, debate and analyse all activities to be implemented for the success of the project.

The meeting validated the already acknowledge sense of responsibility and commitment of each and every partner, regarding the possible issues and obstacles to be overcome in some aspects of the implementation of the project, the solutions to provide an improvement of the implementation of all activities aiming at a sustainable progress of the project, and all partners also had the opportunity to present and comment on the key activity and work stream leadership there were assigned to.

On the matter of coordination and management, focus was given to achieve a better understanding of the administrative and financial rules of European Union (EU) projects, aiming at a substantial command of the mandatory information regarding costs, staff documentation, reports globally and calendar delivery.

The coordinator (Eughenia), had the opportunity to reinforce extensively all information on that matter, and, in that way, examined the consortium commitment on all procedures and rules to be observed. All partners were well informed and actively contributed to the preparation of necessary documentation in terms of management and coordination, dissemination and publicity of the project activity at local, regional and national level as well.

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One of the most important activity organized during this meeting was the realisation of a workshop on Juvenile Criminal Justice in Italy, presented by Mr. Michele Bulzis, and where key representative of the Italian Juvenile Justice System provided key speeches and observations. Each partner had the opportunity to get introduced to the context, issues and background of the country’s Juvenile Justice systems, encompassing main points such as the legal framework, the bodies and staffs related to the field in hand, statistics that allowed to illustrate the state-of-the art of the background and current situation.

Also, most importantly, partners had the opportunity to get introduced to examples of good practices developed and implemented in order to answer to critical needs regarding minors and Youngsters globally involved in criminal activity, such as alternative measures to address the situation of detention, such as the project “Chiccolino”.

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Project coordinator
Eughenia Società Cooperativa Sociale (SCS) ― ONLUS
I. Trav. Via Raffaele Abbaticchio 2
70032 Bitonto ― Italy
Mrs. Pia Antonaci ―

WS4 Dissemination coordinator
Memória de Records Club
Ninho de Empresas de Marvão, Pavilhão n. 7, Outeiros
7330-215 Santo António das Areias ― Portugal
Mr. Christian Brand ―

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