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Kick-Off Meeting Bitonto

With the first meeting in Bitonto / Italy form the 6th to the 7th of March 2014 the Criminal Justice project ALTERNATIVE TRACKS – integrated approach to minors offenders and their families has been officially opened.

The project has been created thanks to funding from the Criminal Justice Program, Call For Proposals 2013, and involves organizations from:

  • ITALY, Eughenia scs(coordinator)
  • BULGARIA, Ngo “My World”
  • GREECE, Stamations Pittas “ANADRASIS”
  • UK, Health Psychology Management Organisation Services
  • PORTUGAL, Memoria de Records
  • ROMANIA, Asociation for Conflict Mediation MISIT


The meeting was held in two sessions, the first one, on the 6th March – Meeting Room in Bitonto, focusing on organizational issues and project activities, such as the partners presentations, the project management, the deadlines and the distribution of tasks.

The PROJECT ACTIVITIES were planned in:

  1. Mapping, Examination and comparative studies
  2. Selection of best practices:
  3. Designing of Vademecum and pilot testing phase in Italy, Romania and Bulgaria
  4. Dissemination and Exploitation of results


  1. Coordination and Project Management:
  2. Monitoring and Evaluation:
  3. Communication Tools

The second part of the first session was focused on Project Management and amendments, administrative and cost management. The financial manager presented the categories of costs included in the project, the regulation for each of them, the supporting documents.


The second session of the first meeting was dedicated to the presentation of Italian framework of juvenile justice, with specific referents to alternative punishment. The speakers and topics of the second session Workshop were:

  • dr Michele Abbaticchio , MAJOR OF MUNICIPALITY OF BITONTO
  • dr. Michele Bulzis, PROJECT COORDINATOR, who presented “Chiccolino”, the best practice of alternative punishement program for minors offenders, which is the starting point of the
  • dr. Rosa Anna Depalo, PRESIDENT OF THE JUVENILE COURT OF BARI, who spoke about “The juvenile criminal trials in Italy. The experience of the Juvenile Court of Bari“
  • dr. Francesco Gustapane, PUBLIC PROSECUTOR IN THE JUVENILE COURT OF BARI, who spoke about “The imputability of children and alternatives to punishment”
  • dr.Francesca Perrini, DIRECTOR OF JUVENILE JUSTICE CENTER FOR PUGLIA, who spoke about “CGM (Center for Juvenile Justice). : Organization, functions, and expertise”

In the afternoon the participants visited “Villa Lucia” to attend the presentation of “Consorzio Social Lab”, a consortium of social organization which work to support the integration of the One of the Consortium Member Organization, “Michelangelo s.c.s.”, is specialize in the integration of minors ex-offenders in the labor market.

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