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MINE – Restorative Justice input


The motivation of the consortium for this project (2014-2016) was to create pre-conditions for answering two tangible and emerging needs in the EU: a) the need to categorize and characterize more accurately the needs of minors incorporated in the juvenile justice system, focusing on their protection regarding their capacity, their learning needs and their potential in terms of competences; b) the need to build and provide tangible alternatives to imprisonment for minors offenders, innovative solutions to tackle impact on their victims’ (including their family), considering individual backgrounds and social perspectives.

More information at: altracks.eu

Meeting in Paris at UNESCO

Project’s key experts’ contributor cooperating today with Valoriza-te! (Portugal) and IAAD (Turkey) will gather in Paris for a constructive participation in the upcoming event “Restorative justice in action(s), French practices and innovations and international comparative perspective”, the first international conference hosted by the French Institute for Restorative Justice. The conference will be held on January 18th and 19th, 2017 at UNESCO in Paris. The main aim of the anticipated contribution is to share experience and foster mutual and peer learning activities on the key topic to be addressed, that is “the implementation and evaluation of experimental programs realized by professionals in the fields of justice, probation and penitentiary services, juvenile justice and victims support services, in France.”

More information at: Restorative justice in action(s) IFJR’s international conference

Exploiting ALTRACKS results for project MINE

Experts will take stock from project ALTRACKS and provide updated input under the lens of project MINE, a new initiative funded under ERASMUS+ Programme in which Valoriza-te! (Portugal) and IAAD (Turkey) are engaged for the design, implementation and assessment of Capacity Building Programmes addressing migrants and refugees needs globally.

More information at: website under construction

Accompanying measures will be discussed as guidelines and instruments provided by the project’s activities. These measures are suggested as supportive instruments for the sustainable implementation and development of the learning activities that are designed to tackle the issue in hand. Accompanying measures provide evidence-based strategies and tools aiming at organizing learning activities with the project’s vision and methodologies.

The proposed conceptualisation of competences is based on an ECVET’s approach, and more specifically on research and work-based research development from Benjamin Bloom (Taxonomy of Educational Objectives, 1956): “The cognitive domain relates to mental skills (knowledge), the affective domain for growth in feelings or emotional areas (attitudes), while the psychomotor domain is concerned with manual or physical skills (skills). This taxonomy is influential in the training world and trainers frequently refer to these as KSA (knowledge, skills and attitudes).” (2)

This approach is specifically applied under the ERASMUS+ Key Activity n.º1 Programme within the sphere of learning mobilities in which learning outcomes and personal transcripts of competences are practiced. On the matter of EU competences frameworks, the table next page (table 3) illustrates the above-mentioned matrix outline where knowledge, skills and attitude are indicated upon the above referred conceptualisation.

(2) Typology of knowledge, skills and competences: clarification of the concept and prototype, 2006. Winterton, J., Delamare-Le, D. F., & Stringfellow, E., Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities

MINE Consortium

COGES DON LORENZO MILANI SOCIETA COOPERATIVA SOCIALE – Project coordinator, Venice (Italy), ARBEIT UND LEBEN BERLIN E.V. – Partner, Berlin (Germany), YOU IN EUROPE – Partner, Nea Moudania (Greece), ARTSCAPE – Partner, Vilnius (Lithuania), CENTER FOR INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE – Partner, Kumanovo (FYROM), VALORIZA-TE – Partner, Évora (Portugal), NIGDE VALILIGI – Partner, Nigde (Turkey), EVERY CHILD AN ACHIEVER NETWORK – Partner, London (England), LEARNING FOR INTEGRATION – Partner, Helsinki (Finland).


Disclaimer – This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission or the consortium MINE cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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