Stamatios Pittas – distinctive title Anadrasis – Greece

Stamatios Pittas – Anadrasis provides learning and business solutions since 1997. The firm specializes in the fields of training and business support with topics on Marketing, Negotiations, Sales techniques, Communication Skills, Team Building, Change Management. On the other hand, Stamatios Pittas – Anadrasis is dealing a lot with Special Needs education and social inclusion topics. The firm has already trained over 2000 individuals in Greece and European Countries during the past years. A milestone was in 2006. The European Union, appointed Stamatios Pittas – Anadrasis, for a “Train the Trainer” course that took place in FYROM. (Skopje, Ohrid and Monastir). The goal of Stamatios Pittas – Anadrasis is to provide a solution by the time is needed. All associates of the firm share the same passion for excellence and perfection.

The pool of experts consists of various professionals, all of them highly skilled, with vast experience, gained from their contribution in numerous national and EU funded projects, on various topics.

  • International projects participated so far
  • TaVet Phase IV (Train the trainers) – 2006
  • e-Abilities (2006)
  • EQUAL (2009)
  • LdV – VESTA (2012)
  • Europe for Citizens – T.E.C.T. (2014)
  • Criminal Justice – Alternative Tracks (2014)

National projects participated so far

  • External Evaluator – University of Ioannina (2008)
  • Therapists training & coaching – ASPIDA TOY DAVID Autistic Day Center (2009 – )
  • Social Inclusion for dropouts and Family support KE.D.D.Y. of Evia (2010-2011, 2013-2014)
  • Assistive Technology Expert to Ministry of Education (2009)
  • Inmates support & social inclusion preparation – Ministry of Justice (2006)
  • Business training and support on innovation – S.E.V. (2013 – 2014)
  • Training and Innovation advisor to several firms (1997 – )

Training and consultant services rendered on following topics

  • External Evaluation
  • Surveys
  • Special needs evaluation according to ICF protocols
  • Vocational education
  • Assistive Technology training for the disabled

Stamatios Pittas – Anadrasis-Greece