Eughenia – Italy

Cooperativa Eughenia, since its foundation, works with public authorities (municipalities, juvenile courts, schools etc.) and private organization to promote the social integration, the re-habilitation and the education of disadvantaged people, with a specific focus on minor offenders and on minors at risk of exclusion.

Considering its activities and target groups, the organization works always in projects and programmes funded with public funds; so the staff has implemented competences of management and reporting of public funds.

Considering the high level of experiences and competences developed, Eughenia has planned, in the last year, a programme to develop initiatives al European level, to build up new partnerships with other European Istitutions and organizations, to create networks to exchange best practices and methodologies, also to promote a new European dimension for the organization and its staff.

Eughenia-LogoDuring the year 2012-2013 the Cooperative EUGHENIA, continued to operate mainly within the communes of Bitonto-Palo del Colle and their fractions providing psycho-social and educational services aimed at children and their families at risk deviance , marginality and social problems in order to promote social inclusion. During this period, the Cooperative has launched new initiatives and collaborations, and has retained the services existing increasing them and strengthening them.

Among the services already tested over time include:

  • A socio-educational day multipurpose center for the support and development of the child and the family (authorized by the City of Bitonto and regularly listed in the Regional Register of facilities and services for children in the province of Bari), which was launched in 2003 with a daily average attendance of 3 minors, showed a gradual increase in the time of users who in 2012 reached the 21 average daily attendance, committed after return from school at 18.30 in educational activities and workshops (pottery, tunnel, theater, sports, expressiveness -introspection, legality).

This result was possible thanks to the constant work of the team of that service consists of 1 Coordinator, 1 Psychologist, 5 Educators, Master of Art 1 and 2 Operators generic, desire for improvement and maintenance of adequate quality standards of the Center , which was also introduced in 2012 a service of family Mediation (managed by professionals enabled), to provide extra support to children and their families. What additional tool to support the families followed and reported by other entities parish, in 2012-2013 the socio-educational center has activated inside a one-stop-food parcel distribution, adhering to the Tour of the Works of Charity.

The reasons for this growth are also to be found in valuable synergies with Offices of Social Services of the City of Bitonto and Palo del Colle, the Juvenile Court of Bari, Health Boards (Neuro Psychiatry and Child, CPR, Family Counseling, etc.), educational institutions of all levels, parish organizations, voluntary association, third sector.

The network mentioned above, in which the socio educational center has ongoing relationships, was added in 2012, a new collaboration with the Association of El Saltillo Zottano that has allowed the creation of a cultural exchange Italy – Mexico through a laboratory graphic pictorial traveling which has connected its children Bito, Polignano a Mare and Saltillo (Mexico) and confluent, in the final stages in the preparation of exhibitions on display in the three cities involved, the drawings produced by the children.

Also in 2012, the day center has implemented a project of social entertainment, a Lido for All network with all the parishes of the area, funded by the City of Bitonto and placed within a wider initiative called an “ABC of Dreams” aimed the fight against early school leaving and the promotion of social integration of children of elementary and middle school.

  • A Home Care Service Educational (ADE) since 2007 aimed at children placed in families with multiple behalf of the City of Bitonto and with DD 590 of 06.08.2009 receives a final “Authorization to operate service and educational home” issued pursuant to art. 39 and 87 of the Rules Reg Puglia No. 04/2007 for the same service in 2010, the Cooperative Eughenia wins Race winner of the public procurement. In the period 2012-2013 only the Home Care Service within the territorial Educational Bitonto – Palo del Colle, has 7 families followed by 7 Professional Educators, 1 Coordinator and 1 Psychologist Psychotherapist.
  • A tutoring service (ex art. 91 Regional Regulation 04/06 and authorized personnel with DD 448 of 08.06.2010 with “Final authorization service tutor”) in favor of children and mothers of ethnic ROM, in order to reduce the rate of school dropout and exclusion in these populations and to raise awareness as much as possible to the value of education and work.

The service Involves the removal of the child from the daily gypsy camp site in Via Palo, Their care and hygienic dressing decent, and accompaniment to school know riaccompagnarli to the field at the end of the school day. Mentoring Also Ensure That each child is ensured prophylaxis mandatory health, many children were being deprived of basic vaccinations.

This innovative service has experienced a significant increase in users from 4 lower initial (in 2008) to 22 in 2012 motivation that has received a certificate of merit by the Prosecutor at the Juvenile Court of Bari and allowed to social cooperative Associate with title UNAR (National Office against Racism) for the adoption of strategies and actions to combat the phenomena of racial discrimination and xenophobia;

Also in 2012, the tutoring service you can count on a team of 1 Coordinator, 1 Psychologist, Educator 1 and 3 operators adhered to the COM. IN. ROM Italy – Apulia in order to increase the skills of the operators on the phenomenon Rom.

  • A center for social and educational day for minor experimental stumbled in criminal or high risk of delinquency having the Cooperativa Sociale EUGHENIA participated and won the Expression of interests of the territorial Bitonto Palo del Colle in 2010 for the management of the day care center. The day care center for children of the criminal – first at national level and experimental paths to semi-minor subject to prosecutions – was built with funds from the PON Security 2000 – 2006 Objective SUD. The structure is also part of the project called “Chiccolino” that sees the network as well as the City of Bitonto in which it was made a multimedia classroom for the processing and printing of digital images, and also the towns of Bari Modugno as well as the Ministry of Interior, IPM “Stove” and the Juvenile Justice Centre of Bari.

The team of the Centro Sperimentale consists of 1 Coordinator, 1 Psychologist Psychotherapist, 3 and 2 Operators Educators generic structure an Educational Plan (IEP) of each user, which aims to initiate a gradual path autoconoscitivo aimed at the recognition of personal risk factors or enmeshed in circuits criminals besides the processing of the crime may be committed.

In order to re-education is offered a series of workshops that through occupational therapy, involving the boy in business from which to draw reinforcements useful for the construction of an alternative and positive self-image, in paths of education law. In 2012 – 2013 the said center has come to accommodate 8 average daily attendance starting from 6 visitors recorded in the first year of operation.

The socio-educational day care center for children of the criminal from the outset is a privileged place for experiments that both the procedural actions of psycho-socio-educational. In its uniqueness, in fact, became operational new working practices that see merge with highly innovative character to the peculiarities of the structures with those semi-residential to residential character. Precious are the collaborations and interactions with institutions such as the juvenile criminal justice Juvenile Justice Centre, the ‘Office of Social Services for Minors of the Ministry, the Juvenile Court, as well as the Social Services of local courts, the Ser.T. (to prevent the use and abuse of drugs) and several Universities and Training Institutions.

Precious is the presence of qualified personnel to criminal Mediation Mediators Family Italian member of the Association who has permission to make the service more efficient.