MISIT – Romania

The Association of Conflict Mediation – ”MISIT”, is a private legal person, non profit, independent, organized according to O.U.G. 26/2000, approved by Law 246/2005; it is a non governmental organization and it aims improving the life quality of persons at risk offering mediation services, legal advice, basic social services, psychological counseling and services for environmental protection.
Our values are non discrimination, solidarity, transparency and professionalism. To fulfill this mission, our organization develops informative programs for solving any judicial or extra judicial disputes through mediation activities; prevention programs in the field of domestic violence, trafficking in human beings, drug trafficking and psychotropic substances, illegal migration, and public awareness on environmental protection.


The strategical priorities of the association are:
1. development of mediation services for individuals and companies in the following areas: civil law, family law, criminal law, employment law, commercial law, consumer protection.
2. development of legal advice services, psychological advice, primary social asistance focus on social needs of individuals, family and group (children, poor families, people with special needs, elder persons, youths, minorities, refugees, abused persons, asylum seekers, trafficked persons etc.), in order to prevent and overcome some difficult situations, vulnerability and dependance, preserve and protect individual autonomy, prevent marginalization and social exclusion, promote social inclusion and quality of life.
3. developing programs to promote and defend human rights and freedoms, to increase knowledge and civic participation.
4. developing programs for youth development.
5. promoting colaboration and cooperation between public and private sectors, settlement partnerships with national/regional/local authorities, to achieve objectives of common interest.
6. development of courses and training and labor employment programs in the public interest or community interest.
7. promote sustainable development.
8. settlement partnerships with other similar organizations from Romania or abroad.

AREAS OF EXPERTIZE – Mediation of Conflicts, Basic Legal Advice, Psychological Counseling, Primary Social Asistance.


  • free information on dispute resolution, being in court, or not, through mediation;
  • probono conduct mediation for people at risk situations and with incomes till 700 RON;
  • conflict mediation in any areas of activity;
  • establishment, expansion and deepenings forms of training in mediation, in all activity areas, developing colaboration with national or international professionals mediators;
  • organizing training courses, seminars, conferences, public debates and other information activities according to the law.

BENEFICIARIES: individuals, legal persons.


  • in the association, the lawyers are guided by customers’ needs;
  • our mission is to provide a highest quality legal support;
  • we focus on identifying, understanding and solving to the real customers’ problems, offering a complex legal support;
  • therefore, expanded availability and prompt legal support ensure the fulfillment of complex projects and the safety solving of urgent and unforseen problems;
  • continuous adaptation to the features and customer needs is one of the basic elements of the value offered by our organization by adopting the most appropriate forms of cooperation;
  • ethical standards is the indisputable basis of all our activities, ensuring full confidentiality of all information provided by customer;
  • association customers always enjoy a complete package of high quality legal services created and continuously adapted to meet their needs.

BENEFICIARIES: individuals, legal persons.


  • psychological investigation and diagnosis of mental disorders and other pathological conditions that involve psychological etiopathogenesis mechanisms;
  • behavioral assessments; emotional assessments;
  • personality assessments of coping/adaptation/defensive mechanisms;
  • family context, professional, social, economical and cultural assessment, in which psychological problems manifest;
  • psychological development assessment;
  • other assessments in situations involving psychological components;
  • counseling and supportive therapy;
  • crisis counseling;
  • optimization and personal development, self-knowledge;
  • short term therapies focused on problem;
  • health education, health promotion and healthy life style;

BENEFICIARIES: individuals, legal persons.


  • services to develop life skills;
  • services for social inclusion and rehabilitation for children/young offeders;
  • defending and promoting the rights of persons with special needs;
  • defending and promoting the child rights;
  • community development;
  • psycho social assesment of beneficiaries;
  • services for monitoring integraded child in families; maintaining family ties;
  • services for material support provided to families (through sponsorship programs);
  • services for accompanying and assistance for parents in order to obtain identity documents and birth registration of children;
  • services for mediation in order to provide medical services and relationship with local authorities;
  • services for counseling and information regarding community resources;
  • information and support groups for families;
  • parental education courses aimed at developing parental skills, the required knowledge necessary for children care and education;
  • volunteer programs to support disadvantage categories of persons;

BENEFICIARIES: victims of domestic violence, victims of trafficking in human beings, victims of drug trafficking, victims of offences, children at risk situations, families at risk situations, migrants, asylum seekers, other vulnerable categories of people.