The Project



The motivation for the consortium proiect “ALTERNATIVE TRACKS – integrated approach to minors offenders and their families“ (Alternative tracks) is to answer two tangible and emerging needs in EU:

  1. the need to categorize and characterize more accurately the needs of minors incorporated in the iuveniie justice system, focusing on their protection regarding their capacity, their learning needs and their potencial in terms of competences.
  2. the need to build and provide tangible alternatives to imprisonment, for minors offenders, their victims and family, considering background, individual and social perspectives.

The operational objectives of the project in hand is to map and scope good practices, build up innovative approaches for programmes and services as alternatives to strictly detention, and to build a Vademecum comprising:

  • socio-educational services designed to promote the overall well-being of the deviant youngster, to foster self-expression, the respect for dignity and autonomy, to promote the reinsertion and social education of minors subjected to judicial penalties, reduce the risk of possible aggravations or relapse following the punishment;
  • Paths motivational orientation and individualized work aimed at the social inclusion.
  • restorative justice aimed to the responsibility of the offenders and the recovery of the victim.
  • involvement of the offenders’ families in the programme of re-education, re-habilitation and reintegration supported by a work-based tangible approach, all sustained by a variety of materials such as: open web platform, handbooks and tool-kits, and videos recording, in English and also in the participating countries languages.

The sustainability of the project is ensured during the project scope and after it is terminated thanks to a clear campaigning and outreach plan. Awareness raising and public knowledge of the issues addressed by the project in hand are key in guaranteeing social well~being for all. The activities will also consider and discuss the needs for and a launch of an improved communication strategy that include campaigning and outreach mechanisms promoting the project beyond its natural stakeholders.

Objectively verifiable indicators used in the activities will emphasise the wide and pertinent benefits of the project, as well as the precise competences aquired and enhanced by the use of the project’s methodology and pedagogical concepts.